Learning and Development

At Links we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum in the Nursery setting. This exists to support all practitioners to ensure your child’s early years experience is happy, active, exciting, fund and secure, supporting all areas of their development, care and learning needs.

The EYFS info sheet

As well as the EYFS we offer the following educational programmes to support the children’s Learning and Development:

  • Beat Baby – this is a resource which helps children develop beat competency, supporting listening skills, spoken language and memory skills amongst others.
  • Write Dance – This helps develop gross motor movement and co-ordination skills.
  • Letters and Sounds – This supports communication, language and listening skills.

Speech and Language

Vanessa King is our current Speech and Language Champion in addition to the Centre SENDCo. She has completed specific training via the ‘Time to Talk’ programme. She works closely with our local partner agencies to ensure all children’s individual needs are met.

Time to Talk – A designated site to support with children’s early language skills


The Foundation Years – A useful website for parent’s sharing information in relation to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)


What to Expect and When? – Guidance for you regarding your child’s development.